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industrial worker safety guide tuff gradeOrganizations across Canada are busy focusing on their core business objectives to succeed in today’s competitive environment. However, it is crucial for organizations to create and promote a safe environment for their most valuable resource: their workers.

This is particularly critical in an industrial environment where risk of workplace injuries and fatalities can be staggeringly costly – both in terms of personal impact to injured workers and their families but also to employee morale and financial costs to the organization.

That’s why Tuff Grade has created this Guide to Improving Worker Safety in an Industrial Environment. The guide outlines:

  • What is worker safety and why is it important?
  • What direct and indirect costs are associated with workplace injuries?
  • Who is responsible for worker safety and what part can each individual play?
  • What are common workplace hazards and how can organizations prevent them?
  • What safety products are crucial to preventing workplace injuries?
  • How can organizations implement an effective safety program?

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